Saturday, 9 June 2007

Vision On

One of the really smart and innovative BBC childrens' TV series of the 1970s - here is a website devoted to it. Certainly was formative for general praxis in helping us understand what inclusive learning and art-making could look and feel like, before we even knew they could be called that.

"Vision On was made at BBC Bristol. It was totally unique and broke new ground by combining Art, mime and music in a format that brought both hearing and non-hearing children together.

Here was a programme that successfully captured the imagination of its viewers and despite the fact it is almost 30 years since it was on our screens, there are thousands of artists, designers, performers and animators that were either heavily influenced by it or got their first break as contributors - including David Sproxton who developed 'Morph' and later went on to be involved in Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run etc. 'Vision On' won many awards (quite rightly) and was exported to many other countries - notably Canada."